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We build creative custom solutions for B2B companies

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For our B2B customers, we build comprehensive product configurators that allow visitors to fully customize their products.

Hyvä Themes

A fast shop that meets all Google requirements for ultimate ease of use and high SEO scores - we build all our shops with the lightning-fast Hyvä theme.

Hyvä Checkout

After years of seeing little innovation in checkout, today we build modern and fast checkouts with the Hyvä Checkout.

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Rebuild, migration or new construction - no problem!

Want to migrate to Magento from Shopify or Shopware, for example, or optimize your existing Magento webshop? Elgentos specializes in guiding you through the process of thinking about the IT landscape and the design, development and maintenance of webshops and links. Building beautiful, stable and well converting webshops, that is the starting point from which we work. We started building webshops on Magento in 2010 and this has remained our primary focus ever since.


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