Taken care of to perfection

Haibu's old web shop was too slow and did not always work. Because of the instability, they also didn't dare to make any changes. We took a thorough look at everything and created a stable, fast and efficient base. Now there is plenty of room to continue developing with confidence.

A much faster web shop

By solving problems with the menu, we were able to make the web shop as much as 10 times faster. Where the checkout used to take about 30 seconds, it now takes about 10 seconds. Also, they can now handle almost 10 times as much traffic. It has immediately increased sales.

Zero downtime policy

If we make a change and put it live, the website will just stay online. This is because we have a zero downtime policy. The changes are thoroughly tested beforehand. If the change does not work properly, we can restore the old situation in no time.

Reduced hosting costs

We always thoroughly dig through the code of a webshop. This time, we found an error that caused poor performance and unnecessary use of web space. We fixed the error in the code and were able to reduce Haibu's hosting costs by 25 percent.

A flawless transition

We worked towards the transition from Kapperskorting.nl to Haibu for about six months. That made the actual transition quite exciting for customers. With a push of a button in the early morning, we launched everything flawlessly. That creates extra confidence in the cooperation.

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD).

In this project, we applied Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). This allows us to streamline and automate processes. With CI/CD, we are able to contribute code and collaborate as developers through a shared codebase. The result: we can deliver and apply code faster and more error-free.

Testing in disposable environments

To test new features, we use disposable testing environments. This method increases productivity and enables customers to test, review and revise changes more quickly. If a change is successful, we apply it in the real webshop.