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Hyvä Magento webshop and checkout

As the first Hyvä partner in the Netherlands, we have been building Magento webshops based on the Hyvä theme since 2020. The Hyvä theme is ideally suited to cost-effectively build fast Magento webshops that pass Google Core Web Vitals tests with flying colors.

What is Hyvä?

Hyvä is our partner for Magento frontend technology. Hyvä provides two products; the Hyvä Theme and the Hyvä Checkout.

The Hyvä Theme is an ultra fast & lightweight theme. With this theme and the implementation we will do on top of it, you are guaranteed that speed goals will be met. Hyvä has an excellent developer experience. This will make the development of features on the frontend faster and with fewer errors. An additional advantage is that Hyvä stays close to the basics of Magento. In short, anyone used to developing in Magento should be fine with this.

The Hyvä theme has rapidly become the industry standard for Magento 2 shops. We are the first agency in the Netherlands that was able to put a webshop live on Hyvä. We have since done more than 20 implementations, which makes us the agency with the most Hyvä experience in the Netherlands.

Frequently asked questions Hyvä Theme

How much does a Hyvä Theme implementation cost?

This depends on a number of factors, the most important of which I will explain here.

In fact, there are three flavors; a retrofit, a design designed using the Hyva UI components and a fully customized design. We call a design a retrofit when we are going to convert an existing design to a Hyva theme.

A second option is to use the Hyva UI components to get a design done. By using these components you stick to the Hyva standard which makes it relatively quick to implement for us. After all, the more customization and specific requirements, the more hours and the higher the cost.

The third and often most expensive option is to implement a full custom design. This means no use of the standard Hyva UI components and everything will have to be built from scratch.

We have seen in recent years that a retrofit typically costs 100 - 250 hours, a design based on Hyvä UI components 175- 300 hours and a fully custom design 300 - 500 hours.

Can I keep my current design and convert it to a Hyvä Theme?

Absolutely, we call that a retrofit. Here we keep the current design and convert it to a Hyvä Theme.

Are all extensions compatible with Hyvä?

Not all extensions are compatible with Hyvä, but a large percentage of the most frequently used extensions are. The big well-known extension builders that sell extensions have more and more support for Hyvä in extensions. We, too, always build our extensions compatible with Hyvä.

Are you an official partner of Hyvä?

Yes indeed! In fact, we are the party in the Netherlands that put the first Magento 2 shop built on Hyvä live in November 2020. This makes us the party with the longest experience with Hyvä.

Will I get a higher Google Core Web Vitals score with a Hyvä Theme?

This is almost always the case when coming from a Luma-based or a PWA Studio theme. The Hyvä Theme has from itself ("out of the box") a score of 95+ in Lighthouse and passes the Core Web Vitals with flying colors.

Are you using the Hyvä UI library?

This is certainly a possibility. Using Hyvä UI as a base provides a cost savings over a complete custom design that is not based on Hyvä UI, see also the question "How much does a Hyvä Theme implementation cost?".

What is the advantage of Hyvä over a PWA solution?

The trend in the current market seems to be that a PWA is the solution to everything. In our view, this is anything but true. In many cases, a PWA solution is more expensive, more complex and slower than a Hyvä-based solution. For a PWA to work well, it often requires an in-house Javascript team that can handle the complexity of a PWA. In addition, this PWA still needed to be linked to a Magento installation, effectively requiring 2 teams; a separate frontend and a separate backend team. This is possible in some organizations, but not in most, however.

In addition, the so-called benefits of a PWA solution are often not applicable, or simply not true. The claim that a PWA is faster is fundamentally untrue - the standard PWA solution for Magento from Adobe by default scores much lower than a standard Hyvä installation. Then it can be made faster with a lot of effort, but if you put that same number of hours into a Hyvä installation it would still be faster, or achieve the maximum achievable with fewer hours.

The claim that a PWA can double as an installable app on a mobile is partially true - only Android fully supports this. In addition, again the same (cheaper) can be achieved with a Hyvä installation.

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Hyvä Theme case: Haibu

For, we did a Hyvä Theme implementation for their consumer shop. Read the full case study here:

Hyvä Checkout

Hyvä Checkout revolutionizes the checkout experience for all parties involved. For shoppers, it offers a fast, smooth and intuitive checkout process, with a load time 13 times faster on mobile devices than the standard Magento Luma checkout page.

You can learn more about Hyva Checkout in our blog article"Improve your Magento 2 checkout with Hyvä Checkout."

Hyva Checkout

Frequently asked questions Hyvä Checkout

What is the advantage of the Hyvä Checkout over the Luma(-based) checkout(s)?

It is many times simpler (and thus faster and cheaper) to build customization into the Hyvä Checkout. The checkout is simpler in design and has fewer "moving parts" which also makes it less error prone than the old Luma checkout. In addition, the checkout is also faster and contains two versions by default; the "one step" checkout (everything on 1 page) or the "multi step" checkout, where each step (address, payment method, shipping method, overview) has its own page.

Which payment providers offer Hyvä Checkout support?

Currently, Mollie, MultiSafePay, Buckaroo, Adyen,, Stripe and PayPal have support for the Hyvä Checkout. A full overview of Hyva itself can be found here.

Which shipping parties offer Hyvä Checkout support?

Currently, PostNL and ShipperHQ have support for Hyvä Checkout. In addition, we ourselves have built in support for Paazl. A full overview of Hyva itself can be found here.

Which address validation parties offer Hyvä Checkout support?

Currently, has support for Hyvä Checkout. In addition, we ourselves have built in support for Loqate. A full overview of Hyva itself can be found here.

How much does a Hyvä Checkout implementation cost?

There is also a fairly wide range for this. The biggest factor influencing the cost of a Hyvä Checkout implementation is the features that need to be built into the checkout. These include address validation (such as PostNL and Loqate), shipping platforms (such as Sendcloud, Paazl, MyParcel, and all the invidivudal carriers), payment palt forms (such as Mollie, MultiSafePay, Buckaroo, Adyen and all individual payment methods), etcetera. Extensions are available for some of these parties for Hyvä Checkout but also a lot of them are not (yet) available. The previous Hyvä Checkout implementations we have done vary between 50 and 200 hours.

What is your hourly rate?

Currently, our hourly rate is 135 euros.

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Hyvä Checkout case: photo gift

For, we did a Hyvä Checkout implementation with automatic address addition based on zip code and a Multisafepay payment methods implementation.

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