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What do we mean by customization?

Customization means not reinventing the wheel, but adding value where it really matters.

What do we mean by customization?

Every webshop is different. In many cases, it involves customization. But that doesn't mean we don't use what's already available. We are obviously not going to reinvent or rewrite the shopping cart, just like we don't do that with all the other common parts of a webshop. That is why we use the e-commerce framework Magento / Adobe Commerce, which allows us to set up all the basic functionalities of a webshop cost-effectively.

And then the real work begins. Value-added work. What makes your webshop different from the competition's? What functionalities do you add to create a special buying experience? How do you entice the customer to order from you?

The answers to these questions are very diverse, which is why customization is often involved to build exactly what will set you above the competition.

Think of product configurators, order lists, specific order flows, personalization, e-mail automations, ERP links, PowerBI reports, etcetera.

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