The old webshop was not bad, but wanted to go to the 'next level'. We worked on a cheerful design and made the webshop gigantically fast, with very reliable information for customers about fast delivery times.

Cheerful and smooth

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Technical cooperation

At, they are technically savvy themselves. They had already created the entire back-end. It was very pleasant for us to build on this together and realize the front-end.

An initial check as a basis

To start the project, we first did an audit and checked the basics by doing a static analysis of the code. This quality check immediately made a big improvement.

Streamlined delivery

The web shop is now very fast and gives very reliable information about delivery. About 80% of all items ordered are tomorrow and with the remaining 20% they can also accurately indicate when it will be delivered.

From Magento 1 to Magento 2

The webshop of was running on Magento 1. We gave everything a major update with Magento 2. Thanks to the switch, now has a more extensive and user-friendly platform. This will help them for years to come.

A reliable Delivery Date module

We have created a module that very accurately indicates, based on a variety of variables, when a customer will have an order in their home. Our module takes into account things like brand, weight, price, storage location and much more. This saves a lot of customer service questions and is much more user-friendly for the customer.

Raging React Components

For the front-end, we used multiple React Components. We applied this to the menu, search bar and shopping cart. This was customization because Magento does not normally work with React Components. Now the webshop is much more unified and easier to maintain.

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