Afbeelding van aardbeienvlaai met slagroom

From Limburgia Vlaai to Patisserie Limburgia

Limburgia has decided to undergo a name change from Limburgia Vlaai to Patisserie Limburgia. This included an update of the corporate identity and a new design for the shop. The corporate identity was developed by an external agency and we were responsible for the redesign of the shop!

The existing Magento 2 shop was running on a third-party theme, which caused the necessary problems. New features were difficult to build in because of the poor quality of the theme, and Magento upgrades therefore took a long time to implement.


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We’re vlaaiing high

Limburgia was founded in 1901 and was taken over by the current owner, the De Haas family, in 1954. A proud and beautiful 120 year old family business!

Limburgia has decided to change its name from Limburgia Vlaai to Patisserie Limburgia. This includes an update of the corporate identity and a new design for the webshop. The corporate identity was developed by an external agency and we were responsible for the redesign of the shop!


The existing Magento 2 shop ran on a third-party theme, which caused a number of problems. New features were difficult to integrate due to the poor quality of the theme and Magento upgrades therefore took a lot of time to implement.

With the announcement of Google's Core Web Vitals, it became clear that this had to receive the greatest attention in order to maintain the high organic Google positions on important keywords. The three most important metrics for Core Web Vitals are the following three:

With many third-party themes it is very difficult to get these values into the green zone. Even if it works today, it is no longer a scalable situation. If Google makes an adjustment, you may have to jump through all the hoops again to meet the Web Vitals.

Magento 2's own Luma theme also does not come close to what Google requires as of May 2021. Our goal was to Lighthouse-scores of above 95 points on mobile.

So in concrete terms we have formulated 3 goals:

  • Pass core web vitals (with a long-term solution)
  • Performance scores on desktop AND mobile above 95
  • Better development flow, which saves costs in the long term


We have therefore chosen to build the redesign of Limburgia on Hyvä, a Magento theme that has been completely built from the ground up to achieve high scores on the Core Web Vitals. Hyvä not only enabled us to achieve these high scores, but also to greatly reduce the complexity of the front end, which not only increases the development speed but, importantly, the developers' job satisfaction too!

Hyvä makes the webshop easier to maintain and new features can be added faster. It is therefore perfect for larger web shops, because the more customization, the more hours can be saved with Hyvä compared to other Magento themes.

Achieved results

The test environment used is always difficult with these comparisons. In the past we have sometimes made the mistake of using the developer's computer and the internet at our office as a benchmark for a PWA. But every computer and every internet connection is different. At the time of writing, we cannot use Google's field data (which is strictly speaking the most objective), because this is based on 28 days, and the new shop has only been live for a few days.

Fortunately, Chrome has a solution for this. By using network & CPU throttling, a standard computer and internet connection is simulated. For these tests, we set the internet connection speed to Fast 3G. We assume that a large portion of customers have access to 4G or faster (WiFi), so testing on 3G should be fine. We set the laptop's CPU to 4x slower than average.

Then we get the following score on desktop:

And the following score on mobile:

New functionalities

Since we were building a new front end, a lot of work was also done in the background. The Magento installation has been upgraded, unused modules have been removed and the installation has been completely cleaned. It is now also possible for the customer to adjust the individual store page of the more than 40 stores, as well as the opening hours of those stores.

During the checkout you can choose a store that will make the delivery, or where the order can be picked up. The nearest open store is pre-selected based on the entered zip code.

Optimized checkout

For the checkout, it was decided to replace Magento's standard checkout with one React-based checkout. This gives us more flexibility in adding functionality, such as store selection and delivery/collection date functionality. In addition, this checkout is many times faster than the standard Magento checkout.Verbeterde middleware koppeling

Limburgia supplies not only to consumers, but also to other companies through a number of B2B shops. The orders from all shops and from the cash registers in the physical stores are combined in a middleware system, which in turn forwards the orders to the ERP in the bakery. We have made this middleware connection suitable for Magento 2 and we have added synchronization functionalities to ensure that the systems are better aligned with each other.

Moving to Hypernode

To safeguard the uptime and speed of the shop, we have chosen to move the webshop to Hypernode platform. We have been hosting all our customers at Hypernode to their complete satisfaction for many years and this move also went surprisingly smoothly.