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We can take care of the entire process of building a web shop for you. Wireframing, design, product import, links with third party systems, etcetera. Every process is different, but still we try to explain here how we generally work.

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In the orientation phase, together we will figure out where the pain points are in the current shop. We establish priorities and create a plan of action with a schedule.


Technical onboarding

During the technical onboarding we will take over the technical management of the web shop and all other relevant parts of the IT landscape and transfer the technology to our systems.

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Process onboarding

In addition to technology, we will familiarize you with the ins and outs of our process. The team's project manager will explain to you how our sprints go, how billing is done and how we will approach the project in the near future.

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Addressing pain points

With every shop that moves from an existing situation into our development phase (the majority of our sales), there are acute pain points that need to be addressed. This can be a very slow shop, for example, or an urgent Magento upgrade. These points are given the highest priority in the first sprint(s).


Continuous Development

Eventually we end up in the phase we all prefer - a calm and stable development phase. This is where the real work begins - what goals do we want to achieve and how will we do it together? Let's go!