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Streamline warehouse management with the BarTrack Magento 2 extension

BarTrack Magento 2 extension
Peter Jaap BlaakmeerOrange dot9 Feb 2024

In the world of e-commerce and warehouse management, efficiency is very important. With this in mind, we developed a Magento 2 extension link for our client Delftechniek for their customers using BarTrack. This extension not only makes warehouse inventory management easier, but also improves the shopping experience for these users.

What is BarTrack?

BarTrack is an inventory management system/app for wholesalers that uses barcodes. It allows customers to quickly and efficiently order products from the wholesalers they purchase from. This is done by scanning barcodes with a special app, available for both iOS and Android. But how does this technology integrate with Magento 2's e-commerce environment? Through the Magento extension we developed!

Use of BarTrack by Delftechniek

Delftechniek, a prominent player in the industrial, construction, marine, and installation engineering sectors, uses BarTrack to make it easier for their customers to order. With the Magento 2 extension, BarTrack is seamlessly integrated into their online platform. This provides customers with a unique functionality: the ability to print all product barcodes from their warehouse from the product page in their 'My Account' section in order to then order quickly.

Functionality of the extension

Once a customer enables the BarTrack option, a "Print Barcode" button becomes visible on product pages. With a simple click, customers can then print the barcodes of products in their warehouse. These barcodes can then be affixed to pick locations in the warehouse.

Warehouse employees can then scan the barcodes with the BarTrack app, and the products are automatically added to the shopping cart. This purchasing process makes restocking and managing warehouse inventory easier and more accurate than ever before.

Integration of new products

A nice feature of this extension is the ability to automatically add new products to Magento. When products exist within BarTrack but not (yet) in Magento, the extension ensures that these products are automatically added from Delftechniek's ERP and placed in the shopping cart. This offers huge time savings for Delftechniek, which can then enrich this product data and make the products available to non-BarTrack users as well.

Delftechniek's BarTrack Magento 2 extension marks a great step forward in the integration of e-commerce and warehouse management. This innovation provides a seamless, efficient and user-friendly experience for both the merchant and the end user. With this technology, Delftechniek is putting itself on the map as a forward-thinking company shaping the future of online shopping and warehouse management.