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Help with Magento performance problems

Performance problems
Peter Jaap BlaakmeerOrange dotFeb 15, 2024

The key to a faster Magento shop

In the world of e-commerce, speed is obviously very important. A slow webshop can scare away customers and hurt sales. At elgentos, we understand this like no other and are specialized in solving performance problems of Magento webshops. Our expertise is based on years of experience regarding the most common causes of slow Magento webshops.

Common causes and our approach

In our practice, we regularly encounter the same issues. This allows us to act quickly and efficiently. A few examples:

  • External links: Often it is the external links that cause delays. We analyze and optimize these connections for better performance.
  • Poor FPC configuration: Full Page Caching (FPC) is crucial for fast load times. However, improper configurations of Fastly or Varnish can backfire. We ensure optimal setup. We have also used our knowledge of Varnish to improve the default implementation of Varnish in Magento, in collaboration with experts from Adobe and Varnish itself.
  • Unnecessary cache clearing: Excessive cache emptying can affect loading speed. We implement strategies to minimize this.
  • Bad extensions: Not all Magento extensions are equally good. We identify and replace, or improve underperforming extensions. Often these are extensions from the large well-known Magento extension parties. We prefer small (self-written) extensions that do exactly what they are supposed to do over one-size-fits-all extensions with dozens of options you don't use.

Advanced tools for in-depth analysis

At elgentos, we deploy state-of-the-art tools to identify and solve performance problems. Some of the tools we use include:

  • Blackfire: for in-depth performance analysis and bottleneck detection.
  • New Relic: for real-time monitoring and analyzing user experiences.
  • Xdebug: for debugging and profiling code to find inefficiencies.
  • Sentry: for monitoring Magento exceptions and error messages and aggrandizing metadata to get the problem statement clearer.

These tools allow us to quickly find the cause of the problem and implement the corresponding solutions.

The benefits of performance optimization

Fixing performance issues provides significant benefits. A faster shop not only means a better user experience and more conversions, but it can also lead to lower hosting costs. By using server resources more efficiently, costs can be saved. For example, at one client we reduced hosting costs from 6,000 euros per month to 1,000 euros per month.

Elgentos is at the forefront when it comes to solving Magento performance problems. Our expertise, combined with advanced tools, allows us to address the unique challenges of each Magento webshop. By focusing on common causes and addressing them efficiently, we provide faster, smoother and cost-effective e-commerce solutions.